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Do you teach about folktales, myths, and legends in your classroom?                                  
Do you want to learn how to be a better storyteller and speaker?                                         
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Search for a professional storytelling video by Title, Country, or Teller Name (i.e. “Linda Gorham,” or “Kevin Strauss”) on the search bar to your right.

Are you Looking for Woman and Girl Hero Stories?

Are you tired of hearing stories where women and girls are just passive bystanders? Thanks to a FY2015 Southeast Minnesota Arts Council Artist Initiative Grant, I’ve been able to research, prepare, and perform 31 traditional folktales and legends that show girls and women in active, heroic roles. Find them by searching for Women and Girl Heroes.

This activity is made possible by the generosity of the McKnight Foundation through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council.

The Story Library provides:

Online Storytelling Workshops

Online Story Performance Video Database

Online Folktale, Myth, and Legend E-Book Resources


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